Biervliet has been widely known for centuries for its glorious history about Willem Beukelszoon, the fisherman who is said to have invented the "haringkaken" and Biervliet is also known for its traditional Geuzen festivals. As a lover of culture and history, you can absolutely indulge yourself here when you take a walk through this beautiful village, and you will unnoticed, when you walk past the medieval buildings and the cozy streets remind you of the proud symbol of Biervliet, the delicacy that this tough fisherman from the 13th century took home: the herring.

Every year around May Ascension Day Biervliet celebrates its “Geuzen Festivities” in honor of the liberation of Biervliet by the water beggars. For three days, the village is dedicated to liberation and proudly honors its history to the old Geuzen people. A 3-day celebration where people are short of eyes and ears! The traditional “Geuzen Festivities” in Biervliet are known far beyond national borders! Medieval crafts are displayed, many spectacles are made and there are plenty of flea markets in the streets.

And once every 5 years the village is transformed back to the days of yesteryear and the scene is recreated where it all started: breaking through the old city gates where the 15th century costumes are put on again and the old town is tried again to recapture from the Spanish roaring cannons...


You should never have missed a lustrum of the liberation of Biervliet !! When your interest is aroused you will find more history about Biervliet through thislink

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