Very conveniently located already on entering the outskirts of Biervliet opposite the bus stop and 1 minute by car from the N61, t Geuzeke has an ideal location. You drive 7 minutes to the lovely village of Hoofdplaat, located directly on the Scheldt where you can spot seals from the dike on the middle plate at low tide and rising tide. At 15 - 20 minutes drive to fishing town Breskens with its beautiful boulevard, fishing and marina and cozy restaurants on the spui square. Breskens

In about 30 minutes you will find yourself in the incredibly beautiful medieval fortified town of Sluis with its numerous shops and a variety of restaurants, brasseries and tea rooms! Click on the link and you will be flooded with information about the most attractive Burgundian town in west Dutch Flanders!! Sluis

And of course the west of Dutch Flanders is mainly known for its beautiful North Sea and clean beaches, starting at Breskens aan zee, and 8 minutes further one of the most beautiful and idyllic villages by the sea, called “Groede”. And wherever you are along the coast, the numerous beach pavilions ensure that you can rest warm and cozy after an invigorating walk or swim.Groede

But not only the famous seaside resorts have their unparalleled appeal; Biervliet is immediately surrounded by beautiful nature areas with very well-laid cycling and walking paths, and also far beyond! Geuzen route

And you don't have to go far for an excellent supermarket (Plus), a vet or a car garage with excellent service because 6 minutes west of us you can do all this in the beautiful village of "IJzendijke", also called "Petit Paris". When you visit this beautiful village brimming with folklore, you will soon see why! Here you can see and experience the direct French influences from a bygone era. Ijzendijke

IIn Biervliet itself, on Saturday morning you can buy regional products from cheese farm de Vos, and you can get fresh bread from bakery Risseeuw. Biervliet also has an excellent restaurant - grill house de Baron, highly recommended! At bar cafeteria 't Harinkje you can enjoy a delicious snack on the terrace, fries with a tasty snack and a game of billiards! Cheese farm De Vos Bakery Risseeuw  Lafayette Bistro&Catering - Bistro - Biervliet

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